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Ill Slim Collins New Album "Life" comes on 10.19.2012 in Stores!

He is best known for feature and producing artists such as
Slip Capone (DPGC), K Hurl, Big Prodeje (South Central Cartel),
YGD Top Dogg, Butch Cassidy, L Boy (Hoo Bangin), BT Lucci, KO Tha Reapor, 
Big Doty (Hustle Boyz), Silent Loc, Cali Boy (M$M), and Philthy Rich
just to name a few...

The productions of Ill Slim Collin leave everybody thats openminded,
a lasting impression of serious music, with all the dirt of the streets included.
This may be why, or exactly is, why it shines!

Ill Slim Collin is the music producer concerning finest Soul shaped Westcoast Hip Hop.


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